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Meet Our Team


Reginald Grant, MS Ed.

Reginald has been around the golfing scene for over 35 years.  After, I took up golf I eventually I did all of my business relationship development on the course and in the clubhouse daily for ten-plus years. I work as a Business Strategist and was an English teacher for 17 years, and played professional football for the New York Jets and in the CFL. A graduate and former student-athlete at the University of Oregon.

I work with various organizations, including the Retired NFL Players Congress/JH Design Group, the largest manufacturer of licensed jackets outside China. With licenses with the NFL. NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and more, are located here in Los Angeles. The National Alliance of African American Athletes, The NFLPA Los Angeles chapter, the NFLPA Orange County chapter, and the NFL Alumni. Several veterans’ groups are in the golf space here in the Los Angeles region and nationally.

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Philip Gouran
Director of Golf and Charitable Organizations

Phil is a retired Vice President of JPMorgan Chase.  He started his golf affection at the age of 11 as a caddy in New York, a job he carried through college.  Phil has played in numerous US Open and US Amateur tournaments. He has 2 boys  Phil’s affection has always been Junior Golf. Phil has dedicated his retirement to helping Junior Golf and Charities through Charity Golf Tournaments, let’s welcome him to our Team.

Mayor of Carson Lula Davis-Holmes
and Philip Gouran


 Philip Gouran with 4x  Super Bowl Champion Marv Fleming

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Phil and friend at NCAA Touranement

Phil and friend at NCAA Touranement.jpg
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